Where Can I Buy Your Whisky?2019-05-23T21:57:42-07:00

You can stop by the distillery in Talent every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 pm to buy a bottle of whisky and have a tasting + tour. We take cash or card!
Or you can purchase through the Oregon liquor stores which are explained below…

Oregon is what’s known as a “Control State”. It’s one of 17 states in America that have a state monopoly over the wholesaling or retailing liquor. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) buys and resells all liquor in the state of Oregon through its state liquor stores. That’s why you don’t see liquor in grocery stores as you do in California or Washington.
As a producer (distiller), we have to sell all our products to the state and then they mark it up 100%. In other words, when you buy a bottle of our whisky for $50, we get $25 of that and the State gets the other half ($25). If we are going to sell in Oregon, we have no choice in the matter.
This isn’t as bad as it seems though since the State stores all of our whisky in their warehouse until it goes out to individual State-owned liquor stores (of which there are hundreds). They also maintain a really user-friendly consumer website, where you can look up any liquor available in Oregon (over 3,0000). If you look up “III spirits” you’ll find our old labels on sale, or “Pioneer” to find our new releases. Then find out that they have it in the warehouse and/or maybe a store or two on the other end of the state, all you have to do is give your local liquor store manager a description of what you want, and if you looked it up, the product number and they will ship it to your local store free of charge.

How old is a bottle of your whisky?2019-05-20T09:26:42-07:00

The majority of the whisky that we are selling now is 3 years old. By employing a Solera program, approximately 25% of the whisky is 4 years old, 50 % of the whisky is 3 years, while the remaining 25% can be as young as 2 years old.

If your whisky is so young, why is it so dark?2019-05-20T16:48:39-07:00

The color of our whisky comes completely from the barrels it is aged in. We never use any artificial flavoring or coloring. Because we start out with small (15gal) top quality American White Oak barrels, the whisky picks up color relatively quickly. Most of our whisky is then finished in French Oak wine barrels, where it picks up the beautiful red/mahogany hue.

Why don’t you bottle your whisky at 80 proof like most other craft distillers?2019-05-14T04:22:47-07:00

We bottle our whisky at 86-92 proof because that’s where it tastes best. You can always add a little water if you would like. However, if we bottled at 80 proof, you’d never be able to take that water out.


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